Sunday, 15 April 2012

Asparagus & Oca

Exciting times at the allotment!
I am trying to grow Oca for the first time, which is meant to be like growing potatoes so I hope not too difficult but a little dependant on a long growing season so we will see, I am trying the variety 'unknown rose' and although harvesting is not until very late October I am already thinking about recipes I would like to try with it...

today I cut the first fresh asparagus of the season and although it is just a few spears it is a delight, gently steamed and served with butter as a simple starter,
first real  treat of the season - the comment when I served it was:


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Sylvan and Thank you so, so much Sylvan for such a lovely comment on my blog. I don't have an allotment anymore, but my father has recently got one, so I can still share things I am growing with him and those in my new home garden. So we can def. compare notes. My husband woudl be soooo envious of your homegrown asparagus, when we had an allotment we only managed to grow one measly one. I'm curious about oca, never grown it - would like to of course, maybe oneday.
    Happy growing and eating.

    1. thank you so much, the asparagus was well worth waiting for, planted it the first year I had the allotment and only harvested a little last year, fingers crossed for this year!

  2. I haven't grown oca either. There is a blogger on my favourites list who specialises in growing oca!

    1. Really? I would love to know who, I think all tips help!
      I wanted to try after seeing a couple of very interesting recipes and then saw some 'seed oca' advertised for sale ~
      we are vegetarian and I cook from scratch and enjoy cooking from the allotment as much as possible.... basically if I want to cook it I try to grow it,
      thank you for commenting :-)


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