Wednesday, 11 April 2012


I grow my own Basil,
I love the flavour it gives to meals and I also have a thing about fresh home made Pesto, so I grow my own and I grow three varieties!
Finissimo basil, is a lovely little bush like plant with tiny tiny little leaves that are excellent sprinkled onto any tomato pasta dish as a finishing touch, or over freshly sliced tomato that is then drizzled with a little olive oil, yummy salad or side dish
Mammoth lettuce leaf basil, is exactly that, it grows Huge leaves that scent the air heavily when picked and have an amazing slightly anise type flavour, I pop a few leaves into any green salad for a zing of flavour
Sweet Genovese, is the final one, it is a medium sized leaf that has the traditional basil flavour and is the one I use for home made pesto.
So now I am happy, I planted the seeds a little while ago and have just potted up the seedlings, my kitchen table is covered with little tiny Basil plants that will all be transplanted into pots for windowsill, allotment and sunny spots in the garden [and a few gifts for friends]
Once they are bigger I will post the pesto recipe,
if you'd like?
Do you use Basil in your cooking? I still have one plant I grew from seed  last year on my windowsill having managed Not to strip it bare through the winter,
Basil is easy to grow, and such a great addition to your cooking.


  1. I love basil and grow it every year!. This year I'm growing lemon basil. I smells just like lemon hard candy. I cant wait to make sun tea out of it!

  2. Not got lemon basil... I will keep my eyes open for some seed as it sounds great,
    thank you for your comment!


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