Friday, 27 April 2012

cauliflower, lettuce & asparagus!

So dodging rain showers again I visited the allotment today!
a cauliflower,
a lettuce
and more lovely asparagus!
The rain is making everything grow wonderfully and I even had to earth up the potatoes,
so a  little fresh veg to be muchly enjoyed,
I see cauliflower cheese with steamed asparagus in our future....
but for now I need to go check the bread [its Friday so its sour dough!]


  1. envious of yoru harvest, esp. the cauli and the asparagus - wow.

    1. thank you!
      the asparagus is a work in progress, starting to get more each year now which is great, the cauli I think was more good luck than judgement, and there are only a couple more small heads to come,
      but I keep trying,
      sometimes I think a successful allotment is as much due to luck and perseverence as to skill.... keep growing!


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