Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday so its sour dough...

As I may have mentioned I make bread each week, each Friday, and lately it has been sour dough bread.
Sour dough is tasty while not being heavy and lasts an amazingly long time [provided it doesn't all get eaten up fast!] it is simple to make it just takes time throughout the day, and as I work from home on Fridays it makes it the perfect day for bread making.
Thursday morning I get the sourdough "mother" out of the fridge where it lives through the week and feed it with a mix of flour and water, that is then left till last thing at night when I mix together flour, water and a ladleful or two of "mother" to create the "starter" that I then cover with cling film or a damp tea towel over night.
This is the line up of flour/salt mix, "starter" and "mother"

Friday morning I feed "mother" and put it back in the fridge and add more flour and salt to the "starter" stirring and mixing until I get a very soft and sticky dough which I then turn out onto the lightly oiled table to knead

then I knead 300 times and pop it back into an oiled bowel, cover and leave it for an hour. After the hour tip it out, stretch it, form it back into a ball and put it back in its bowl for another hour ~ you can feel it getting softer and start to see bubbles forming under the surface.
after three times of tipping it out, and shaping leave it for a final hour before tipping it out and dividing into loaves and rolls which I then cover and leave to rise for a further two hours
they grow!
then heat the oven and bake in batches
the bread is light and chewy
and perfect with cheese and relish for tea
our regular friday evening tea, this week as I made extra I dropped a loaf off to mum too.
If you'd like the full recipe details let me know and I'll post them, otherwise....
I am off for another slice of bread and local cheddar with home made tomato relish, yumm.....


  1. I would definitely love to know your recipe. I have recently gotten into sourdough baking and I'm still looking for that perfect recipe.All these yummy pictures are making me hungry!!

    1. sour dough is amazing.. I will get my act together and sort out the recipe details asap,
      Glad you like the pictures, it was fun trying to take them while working bread dough as sticky as this!

  2. That looks delicious! I'd love to know the recipe!

    1. Thank you!
      I will get it written up as a few of you have asked, its not difficult but just takes a little time

  3. I went to Hereford today and picked up a sourdough bread, where I live there are sadly no decent breadmakers, so have to try and attempt at home, so yes please - would love your recipe.

    Hope your having a good weekend.

    1. Thanks Shaheen, I will write it up I promise, and yes the weekend is going well, potting up Thyme and Tomatoes and batch baking at present,[caramilised onion & goat cheese tarts]

      hope you are having a great weekend too

  4. I would love the recipe :) it tastes delicious - but I might ask for it in laminated form.


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