Monday, 30 April 2012

Rotocco Chilli

Last year I grew my chillis out doors, surrounded by glass to give them a bit of help, and they did very well, I still have bags of diced red rotocco chilli in the freezer!
So having set up the space at the allotment for another chilli patch, and having saved some seed from my favourites which were "Rotocco" and "Nigel's outdoor" I have started some off again for this year.
Nigels outdoor are a standard chilli which give flavoursome  green chillis that are perfect in curries as a contrasting crunch.
 Rotocco are an utterly different plant, producing a rounder shaped chilli that is better left until red but are a stunning plant that is amazingly prolific and produces lots of tasty hot hot chillis that I have been adding to lots of meals through the autumn and winter. Due to the weather getting frosty here rather early last year I pulled the entire plants while the chillis were still green:
You can see how big the plants were! We had trouble getting them all home from the allotment intact, but it was managed and I hung them upside down in the kitchen window until the chillis turned red:
And harvested gradually, this meant I did not have to dice and de seed in bulk!
This year I have again started these off early indoors on window sills as I want sturdy plants before I risk them outside.

This is Nigel's Outdoor Chilli, a typical looking chilli plant, but these are Rotocco:
and as you can see it would be difficult to muddle them!
So if you want to grow chillis this year, why not try a few of them outside? I originally got the seed for these varieties from "The Real Seed Company" [] but lots of places stock chilli seed, I am also thinking of trying "Scotch Bonnets" but haven't got them potted yet!


  1. I picked up three chilli plants from the market, I tried to grow them from seed and have never been that successful. Liking the sound of these and its good to learn that you were able to to grow them successfully outdoors albeit surrounded by glass.

    1. glass only about a foot or two high, provides a bit of a wind break [as you know its windy here!]
      Rotocco are lovely sturdy plants I would highly recommend them both for growing and as a great cooking chilli... Nigels outdoors is also good although a stockier plant,
      Growing from seed... time and warmth and not too damp on a south facing windowsill!


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