Sunday, 20 May 2012


Watched a mother and very small badger in the garden last night,
so beautiful to see them...

Badgers have been visiting since the big boundary wall at the bottom of the garden came down in a gale over a year a go and I feel very lucky to have had the experience of watching them, big badgers, smaller badgers, climbing badgers, digging badgers, all pottering around the garden,
however this is the first time I have been fortunate enough to see a mother with its little one.

The very large wall is scheduled to be rebuilt soon, and I will miss these night time visitors.


  1. How wonderful. I think I'd have to do without the wall, or at least leave a little gap in it to allow the badgers access.

  2. my thoughts entirely [about a badger access archway!], however the Abbey park we back onto owns the wall and I think it could be listed so has to be rebuilt as it was so to speak, however they keep saying it is going to be rebuilt and it still has not yet.... [it came down in November 2010!]
    so maybe the mother and cub will be back this evening

  3. Thats such a good the badgers :)

  4. trying to see them each evening... mum & cub not been back again that i have seen but three small badgers visiting as a group nightly at present...


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