Saturday, 5 May 2012

A Gale?

Just driven back from a week away in Cornwall, unpacked, fussed the cat, watered the indoor plants and popped down the allotment and
No green house
vanished ... gone....blown away!
seedlings that were in it all looking very very sad.

Having looked at all the nearby plots and not seeing it in bits anywhere
I peeped over the hedge
                                                  way off in the distance
                                                                                        spotted what looked like a heap of green plastic,

[Luckily it was a plastic green house and not a glass one!]

It took me over an hour to retrieve it all
In pieces
and It will take a great deal of bodging to create anything useful out of what is left!

as well as a heap of plastic and twisted metal poles
I also have a heap of asparagus

every cloud has a silver lining!


  1. Oh my gosh ...I can imagine you looking over the hedge! lol English weather ...don't you love it :)

    1. my peas love the weather, as does the asparagus and salad....but grow house gone :-(
      major repairs required lol
      ho hum
      all part of having an allotment
      you have to get creative!!


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