Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wild Garlic Mousse

So this is the recipe that I begged from the chef at the Wellington in Boscastle last year... it creates a very light mousse that is flecked with green and tastes just great when served with a little fresh salad &sliced mozzarella - I love wild garlic and the scent when you walk through a woods that is lush with it is just amazing... serving this dish is evocative of those walks in the woods... fresh and zingy and highly scented!

You need:
100g wild garlic
10g flat leaf parsley
100ml milk
2g agar agar       [I used vegegel ~ double the amount suggested on the packet  & I presume you could
                            also use gelatin]
2 egg whites
100ml cream

These quantities made enough for 4 ramekins.
Whizz or finely chop the wild garlic and parsley then, in a small pan, simmer them in the milk.
Add the agar agar [or other setting agent following the instructions on the packet!] and stir well ~ remove from the heat
Whisk the egg whites into the mixture while it is still warm and then when it has cooled down to room temperature fold in the whipped cream.
Divide into small dishes and chill.

hope  you enjoy!
Mr. Chris enjoyed the mousse and the tarts in my last wild garlic post so much that he has suggested that we go gather more wild garlic this weekend....
might need a few more recipes....


  1. I've never harvested wild garlic, perhaps I should try out a couple of recipes. We're holidaying near Bude in July, and I love it in Boscastle so a trip is on the cards. I'll have to seek out The Wellington.

  2. Do try it... it is such a versatile plant!
    We holiday in Boscastle each year and think it's great, the Wellington is our treat meal out :-)


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