Sunday, 24 June 2012

pretty as a pea...

A sunny spell and the peas are doing well,
I grow old vartieties of tall peas, up wigwams rather than pea sticks, and the flowers are so beautiful in the bright sun:
white  or coloured
and a lovely yellow mangetout with purply blue flowers
even the sweet potatoes are flowering
and the ordinary potatoes too
so new potatoes for tea, with peas to follow soon!
so sun shine good
but rain was needed
and all is flourishing
now we are into days of new potatoes with salad and.........
hope you've had a good weekend too,

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Day of Raspberries....

This morning we went down the allotment this morning to check that the grow house had not vanished in the gales again,
and it was still there [yeah!]
after fixing the peas back to their wigwams... several making a bid for freedom,
and picking the first few yellow mange tout, the last of the asparagus for this year, rocket and iceberg lettuce we started putting the nets over the soft fruit and I had a mild panic...

We had a few ripe raspberries
and I knew I still had raspberries from last year in the freezer!

So after gathering some new potatoes
We went home and I spent the afternoon in the kitchen
making raspberry themed desserts
to use up the approximately 6lb  of  frozen raspberries I dug out of the freezer
I had great fun!
I made:
 a Raspberry  bakewell cake
Raspberry Ripple ice cream
Raspberry Bombs
Raspberry Sorbet with Raspberry Ratafia
Raspberry Semi Freddo with a Raspberry & Lemoncello Coulis
and stopped there as I had run out of containers!

I have everything set for a further batch of ice cream [plain raspberry this time]
and enough egg whites for a batch of meringues
but that 
will be tomorrow...
rest now!
Will post pictures later!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

it rains and it grows...

I like salad, I try and grow a lot of it!
Visiting the allotment between the wonderfully refreshing showers today it was really obvious how much all the plants really appreciated the wet weather...
and the salad was going crazy,
lush lettuce

all ready to pick [and I did!]
and staggered sowings all doing well

celery is coming on too...
with peas, beans and out door tomatoes all doing well

potatoes have gone mad, and I am very excited about the oca which I am growing for the first time this year
and which seems to be getting along OK:

so all in all
allotment likes the rain
and I am glad I caught up on the weeding before it came...

Monday, 4 June 2012

jubilee beacon

It had to be done...
I climbed the Tor and have pictures to proove it!

my apologies for the quality of the pictures,
but they do give a flavour of the evening...
I hope you all had enjoyable evenings too