Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Day of Raspberries....

This morning we went down the allotment this morning to check that the grow house had not vanished in the gales again,
and it was still there [yeah!]
after fixing the peas back to their wigwams... several making a bid for freedom,
and picking the first few yellow mange tout, the last of the asparagus for this year, rocket and iceberg lettuce we started putting the nets over the soft fruit and I had a mild panic...

We had a few ripe raspberries
and I knew I still had raspberries from last year in the freezer!

So after gathering some new potatoes
We went home and I spent the afternoon in the kitchen
making raspberry themed desserts
to use up the approximately 6lb  of  frozen raspberries I dug out of the freezer
I had great fun!
I made:
 a Raspberry  bakewell cake
Raspberry Ripple ice cream
Raspberry Bombs
Raspberry Sorbet with Raspberry Ratafia
Raspberry Semi Freddo with a Raspberry & Lemoncello Coulis
and stopped there as I had run out of containers!

I have everything set for a further batch of ice cream [plain raspberry this time]
and enough egg whites for a batch of meringues
but that 
will be tomorrow...
rest now!
Will post pictures later!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy time. so glad everything has stood up to the gales. Your fruit and veg are ready A lot earlier than's times like these when I wish I lived further south!!

  2. Somerset is fairly warm
    but the levels are oh so windy!
    I am always amazed how things do stay up [and some times they do not!]

    I am sure your veg will be cropping soon, we could all do with a spell of calmer weather me thinks,

    and Thank you for visiting my little blog, not been doing this long!

  3. Fantastic. It sounds like you'll be eating well over the next week or so. My mange tout have been devoured by slugs, I really need to sow some more, if only the rain would ease up.

    1. it's the gales I want to stop... my grow house will not survive much more!
      have you thought to try starting the mangetout off in pots, then you can plant out once the weather improves!

      if it ever does this year!!

  4. Thank you for sharing it all sounds so delicious

    1. well we had some raspberry bakewell cake for tea... [i need to tweek that recipe a bit]
      the rest is in the freezer, so fingers crossed!
      I don't think I have baked so many desserts in one afternoon in years, forgotton how much I ejoy it.

  5. Lucky you! Raspberries are my favourites and I've lots growing, but it'll be a while before they're ready to pick. Flighty xx

  6. well picked half a pound today... so me thinks a raspberry fool with fresh raspberries for tea,
    early start here but your season will probably go on longer.... its all swings and round a bouts in gardening I think,
    and you will enjoy them when they come!


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