Tuesday, 5 June 2012

it rains and it grows...

I like salad, I try and grow a lot of it!
Visiting the allotment between the wonderfully refreshing showers today it was really obvious how much all the plants really appreciated the wet weather...
and the salad was going crazy,
lush lettuce

all ready to pick [and I did!]
and staggered sowings all doing well

celery is coming on too...
with peas, beans and out door tomatoes all doing well

potatoes have gone mad, and I am very excited about the oca which I am growing for the first time this year
and which seems to be getting along OK:

so all in all
allotment likes the rain
and I am glad I caught up on the weeding before it came...


  1. Everything looks good!! I'm really interested in growing Oca unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding Companies that sell it here in the US. Hopefully It will become more popular here and become more available. I'm interested in hearing all about how it grows and the final product!

    1. this is an experiment for me having never grown it before either!
      I will remember to post updates on progress as i find it all exciting...
      i know i get interested in the oddest things!!
      Hope you manage to find a supplier in the US and get to grow some too

  2. all this healthiness and no slugs on the lettuce? what`s the secret

  3. ssshhh don't tell the slugs i have planted lettuce....

    i do put copper tape around any pots and tubs and i do loose some stuff to slugs...probably more now after this rain, but i tend to plant extra as i grow from seed...?

  4. I grow my lettuce in containers to stop the slugs getting to it. I don't grow much as there's only me in our house who will eat it, I don't think I'd have enough containers if I were growing as much as you are. It's all looking lovely and healthy, and weed free. Unfortunately, I didn't weed before it rained so the weeds are twice as high now.

  5. our household tends to be "salad and....." as often as possible as we all love salad [can't wait for the tomatoes and new potatoes!]... how healthy depends on what the "and" is!
    Hope you get time to catch up on the weeding, at present i think i am having more problems with pidgeons than slugs, blighters nibbled the tops off my latest staggered planting of peas, however they are now a little better protected and hopefully there is enough bits left for them to recover or i will have to start over again, again!

  6. The oca is a really pretty plant ...what do you do with it? :)

    1. it's a root veg, produces small tubors in late autumn, they are like lemonyish new potatoes... will wait till past the first frost in the autumn then dig them up and voila! [hopefully] lots of lovely unusual veg for winter :-)

  7. Beautiful photographs, everything looks so healthy and lush. Long may it contiune for you x

    1. Thank you!
      With all this rain I think everything is looking lush, it was much needed here!
      Now if I can only keep the pidgeons away...

  8. Everything is looking good - do you think slugs have gone off lettuce - they haven't touched mine either.

    1. ssshush...
      don't remind them
      I am just enjoying it while it lasts!

  9. You have a beautiful allotment...how do you manage to keep it so tidy?? Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    1. Thank You,
      Glad I found your blog!
      I am sure the allotment doesn't really look that tidy when you see it all!
      And especially now with everything tied down against the gales!


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