Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cool as a Cucumber...

It has been cool and wet and grey...
I think my tomatoes are giving up...
but raspberries, lettuce, mangetout, peas, potatoes & salad onions all cropping well,
french beans are starting to leaf out and climb up the poles, little courgettes are appearing and the winter squash are starting to run,
after getting very very cool and wet picking peas
I picked my first cucumber of the year!

then it's home to get tea:
new potatoes with salad &...

Hope you and your veg are all surviving the cool wet greyness of the weather!


  1. I just picked my first cucumber as well - great news. The worst thing about growing your own is going out in the rain to harvest stuff and getting soaked to the skin. What joy!

    1. What joy! What mud! What grey drizzel...
      Gardeners need a sense of humour me thinks, keep planting and keep smiling :-)

  2. Well it sounds like your garden is producing a lot more than mine. I am hoping to get some peas, carrots and turnips sown again....I just need a little cooperation from the weather....what I wouldn't give to be harvesting cucumbers right now

    1. Keep planting! just think it means you will be harvesting after all mine has gone...
      every cloud [including grey drizzely ones] has a silver lining :-)

  3. I'm surviving the weather but I'm not sure my veggies are :( beans seem ok but tomatoes look miserable.

  4. I've never succeeded in growing cucumbers but I keep trying in the hope that one year...
    I'm hoping to lift my first potatoes at the weekend. Flighty xx

  5. I grew some cucumbers last year in the greenhouse and had a real glut, what was sensational though was the taste compared with shop bought, they went well with salmon sandwiches.This years crop looking pathetic.

  6. I thought home grown cucumbers the mini variety I grew in the greenhouse would not have a lot of flavour compared with shop ones, boy was I wrong

    1. it's great isn't it?
      I love home grown veg,
      and I had an absolute glut of cucumbers this year.... glad you did too!


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