Sunday, 7 October 2012


Supper last night was a cheesey vegetable bake,
home grown potatoes, carrots and parsnips gently steamed,
home grown blue banana squash, onions and sage gently fried in butter
add all of above to a rich cheddary  cheese sauce,
put into oven proof dish
top with a mix of fresh breadcrumbs, chopped nuts and more cheddar
bake in the oven 'till bubbling hot and browned...
harvest has been variable this year
obviously due to the weather
but root veg and squash are oh so tasty
and the borlotti beans and cannelinni beans are definitely something I will be growing again....
[yummy chiili, yummy bean & carrot shephardess pie]
sweet potatoes and oca yet to be dug
so we will see


  1. Sounds like a lovely warming dinner. There is nothing better at this time of year than being able to arrive home form the allotment and fill the kitchen with delicious smells and warmth from all your produce!!

    1. it is a great way to wind down from a too stressfull work day too...
      growing and cooking good
      work.... not so!

  2. Blue banana squash must look that one up!

    1. its a good keeper, steel blue skin, tasty flesh very good texture
      i would recommend it, try the real seed company online if you are looking for seed as its quite rare,
      but delicious!


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