Saturday, 27 October 2012

tingly stung hands!

Today was chill but sunny
perfect  allotment morning....
Dug up the last of the potatoes... big sarpo miras [yum yum baked potatoes]
cleared the plastic grow house... ouch ouch lots of stinging nettles
but amoungst the nettles were the last few sweet potatoe plants, these were the left overs as I had run out of space outside, [had a very good crop from the out door ones that i dug last week as the frost had finished off the foliage] so dug them up.... lots of small sweet potatoes, and lots of bits of bigger ones... been munched again!! Outside lot had had all the mole protection, and now i know its worth the effort as all i have fromthese plants is enough for one big batch of sweet potatoe mind we like sweet potato chips :-)
The oca have survived the cold spell so far and looking green and promising, i am resisting the temptation of ferriting around the edges to see if i have tubors, fingers crossed if they keep growing on into november i might have a few oca at the first attempt... fingers firmly crossed!
stung fingers, last of the rotocco peppers, potatoes, baby sweet potatoes and some chard.... oh and a few cannellini beans that had been hiding amoungst the sunflowers... a good day overall me thinks!


  1. somebody once told me to grasp nettles firmly but I am not brave enough I keep a tube of nettles cream in my pocket on the plot as I am always getting stung how sad is that.

    1. I grasp the nettles firmly......
      and get stung!


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