Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wild Garlic time

Well today I made Wild Garlic and Feta tarts for tea
this is an annual, seasonal, event now and I just managed to take one picture before it all got eaten.
This is good warm from the oven,
and Chris thinks it is even better cold the next day!

the recipe can be found at the excellent Allotment 2 kitchen blog  HERE

Sunday, 28 April 2013

raspberry syrup.....

Time to clear the freezer out, get things ready for the coming harvest, and I discovered lots of frozen raspberries
Raspberry syrup time!
perfect over ice cream, fruit pies and tinned fruit
good to flavour fruit fools and custard
a sweet addition to yoghurt
great mixed with fizzy water [or white wine] as a summer drink
and untold other uses.
It took me all day to get it finished, but now have several bottles of rich red sweet raspberry syrup ~ and lots more space in the freezer...


gently heat the raspberries in a pan over a low heat to release the juice,
pressing the fruit with a wooden spoon to break it down.
Pour all into a jelly bag and leave to drip for four to six hours
Compost the pulp and keep the juice,
measure your juice &
to every 600ml add 350g of sugar
[adjust this according to taste and the sweetness of your fruit,
 but do not reduce it too much or your syrup will not keep!]
warm gently until the sugar is completely dissolved
then simmer for 15 minutes
and pour into sterilised bottles
and seal.
This will keep for a couple of months
but should be refrigerated once opened


Inspiration often hits me in the Spring,
so after an absence of many months it was the greeny purple shoots of the first asparagus of the year at the allotment that has inspired me to post this entry,
served gently steamed on a warm couscous salad [consisting of cous cous with lemon juice & zest, diced fresh chives, chopped hazelnuts for the texture and crumbled feta for the flavour with a splash of good olive oil for the richness of it]

It also reminded me that wild garlic [Ramsoms] are in season and so it was off to Black Rock at Cheddar to gather a basket full so we can have the annual ramsom & feta tart in the week,

I do so enjoy the bounty of this time of year, and appreciate the turning of the seasons after such a grey winter....