Sunday, 28 April 2013


Inspiration often hits me in the Spring,
so after an absence of many months it was the greeny purple shoots of the first asparagus of the year at the allotment that has inspired me to post this entry,
served gently steamed on a warm couscous salad [consisting of cous cous with lemon juice & zest, diced fresh chives, chopped hazelnuts for the texture and crumbled feta for the flavour with a splash of good olive oil for the richness of it]

It also reminded me that wild garlic [Ramsoms] are in season and so it was off to Black Rock at Cheddar to gather a basket full so we can have the annual ramsom & feta tart in the week,

I do so enjoy the bounty of this time of year, and appreciate the turning of the seasons after such a grey winter....


  1. So nice to see you posting again. I don't have an asparagus bed but with so many people picking at the moment I am really thinking of getting some in the ground as I do love it and it's so expensive in the shops!

    1. Hello!
      glad to be back,
      asparagus is really worth growing if you get the chance to do so,
      takes a while to get established but the first few spears fresh from the plot are such a symbol of the wealth of seasonal veg to come,
      and simply delicious.....


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