Wednesday, 22 May 2013

belated allotment

After checking back over last years posts I have come to the opinion that my allotment is running about one month late!
I have peas
 several old fashioned tall varieties like telephone pea & champion of england
I have a couple of rows each of garlic and shallots
 The lettuce is starting to show
 as is the chicory
but the peppers are only surviving...
however the blueberries are in full flower!

all in all we are running late,
I hope this welcome sunshine will help all the veggies catch up,
I think I am going to have to re sow the beans....
but we have had worse as well as better years than this
I keep digging
I keep planting
I keep dreaming about the harvest and all those wonderful recipes I have that I want to try with the home grown veg!
gardeners need to be optimists
and stubborn!


  1. I think we are all running behind but like you I just keep digging and planting. I love the way you have sown your salad in a circular pattern...I tend to just chuck my seed in and hope for the best. Here's hoping we all get some harvest no matter how late they may be.

  2. Things seem to be going much slower this year, looking like a bumper year for stone fruit though!


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