Friday, 17 May 2013

greek cheese pie

Spanakopita or greek cheese pie has been a favourite for ages,
it is a great use for spinach and chard which I seem to have a lot of at present!
It is also a bit of a cheat recipe as it uses shop bought filo pastry, but it does taste good and is also perfect picnic or pack lunch food.

The filling is:
2 onions thinly sliced
about 250g or 8oz mushrooms sliced [less if you have less]
three big handfulls of freshly picked spinach or chard well washed and chopped
1 small block feta - diced
125g or 4oz whatever hard cheese you have in the fridge, grated [a strong cheddar is good but any cheese will do.]
Vegetable oil, i use olive
black pepper and seasonings

In a large pan in a little oil gently cook the onions till soft, add the mushrooms and cook until they have absorbed and then released the oil and their juice, stir in the spinach/chard until wilted then add the diced feta. Stir well and when everything seems done stir in the grated cheese and add black pepper and season to taste.
Turn off the heat.
Unwrap you filo pastry
at this point you can make a big pie
or smaller rolls or bundles with the filo and the filling,
my favourite is triangles - small or large dependent on the size of the filo sheets!

bake for about 15 minutes in a hot oven until pastry is golden and crisp
and enjoy hot from the oven or warm or cold the next day, they also freeze well!
[by the way sorry for the blurry picture - had to be quick before they all got eaten.... quantities above made about 15]


  1. Sounds delicious..and so simple. Will definitely give this a try!!

    1. it is really easy but also one of those meals that you find yourself doing alot!
      as i mentioned, perfect for picnics and pack lunches,
      hope you like it!

  2. Hello sylvan, thank you for your comment re kindles on frugalinsuffolk, I have just popped across to look at your blog. Like the pictures of Beltane celebrations and wish we had wild garlic growing around here, but it doesn't. I'm going to add you to my list to read more

    1. Thank you!
      Am in cornwall at present and will have pictures of cornish woods and ramsoms to post when we get back.... perhaps wild garlic is a west country thing?


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